My In-Flight Must Haves!

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So, as you read this, I will be on my way to India for a week of exploring the local towns and villages around Chennai as well as a valley of temples - super exciting right? I've gone with my design studio group from university and can't wait to experience what India has to offer me. 
As my flight time will last a total of 11 hours (with a quick stop in Dubai), I decided to put together a collection of items that make my life so much happier when I'm on a flight aside from the in flight entertainment - I just found out that the airline I'm flying with have almost all of the Disney classics available in their movie collection so I am DEAD made up. 

1 /  Reading Material
I usually bring my iPad with me on short haul flights to use as a Kindle and mini-TV, but since the movies will already be provided I decided to kick it old school with a book and my favourite magazine. 
2 /  Sunglasses
Perfect for stepping off the plane into that very welcome sunshine as well as covering up any dark circles caused by a lack of sleep on the plane. These over-sized Moschino ones are my go-to pair as I feel they can bring a whole outfit together too.
3 / Gum
Definitely necessary to combat any bad breath during or after your flight! Also works as a temporary substitute for a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash etc. 
4 / Deodorant 
Especially useful if your journey spans more than one day - this will be particularly necessary for me during a couple of train journeys that I'll be taking once in India. 
5 / Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
Using public transports and bathrooms can mean that you pick up a lot of germs and having a way to keep them at bay is necessary and will be essential for me once I land to hopefully minimise my chances of catching any tummy bugs!
6 /  Painkillers
I find that I'm most prone to headaches when travelling so having some Ibuprofen handy means I can enjoy my journey more.
7 /  Face Wipes
Sometimes all it takes is a clean face to make you feel more awake and alive again and this mini pack of face wipes are perfect for travelling.
In terms of clothing, I keep it super loose and comfortable with layers so that I can adjust to any temperature changes. Being stuck in a plane for hours definitely isn't my idea of fun but it's necessary if you want to explore new places so I like to make use of the time to totally indulge myself in reading, watching films, listening to music or just sleeping. 

Where are you hoping to jet away to this year? Anywhere new?

Stay inspired,

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  1. Gum and antibacterial hand gel is definitely a must!!

    1. They definitely can be life savers!

      Thanks for commenting 😘