Wonderful Wednesday #1

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I've been wanting to start doing Wonderful Wednesday posts for a while, and here is my first one! I'm not sure if they will be a weekly thing (probably not given my current free time) but I think it's a great way to bring some positivity and gratitude into a standard week.

1. Saw a really good amount of dogs
Not even including my own three munchkins I saw a little black terrier barking at pigeons in Waterloo station, a tinier-than-tiny Yorkshire terrier puppy wearing a lovely sheepskin jacket on a walk and a Husky/Collie cross on the train called Buddy, who came to as many people as possible to get stroked. So yes: a very good week for dogs.

2. Watched Twilight films while doing uni work
One of the only bonuses of an art-related course is that, sometimes, you're required to do a task which doesn't require any mental work at all (like endlessly sticking mirror tiles onto an acrylic mesh backing because you have to make a giant disco ball 😣). This meant that I got to watch Twilight's New Moon and most of Eclipse, and also realised that for all the shit it gets the Twilight Saga really isn't the worst thing out there. And Taylor Lautner is as dreamy as he always was...

3. Managed to catch up with every member of my family
Seeing as my family are spread out over a number of locations and are all busy in their own right, it felt good to have been able to see and talk to them all (including most of my extended family) this week. I only wish we could all live closer!

4. Took some pressure off myself
Even though I hadn't really given myself any unachievable goals for this year, the ones that I had been working towards for the first couple of weeks of January just weren't getting met. You'd think daily yoga is hardly a big ask, but when you're working towards your first portfolio hand in of Post-Grad and still trying to maintain other aspects of your life it is difficult to find time to spend half an hour sitting on that yoga mat (especially without falling asleep). So I've decided that I'll just go with the flow for the rest of this month and start my goals properly in February when I'm over this hurdle for university.

5. Made use of my commute
I'm actually writing this on my way up to uni, and I've been making more of an effort to get something done in my commute time (since it's at least 3 hours a day). This could be reading a book, listening to a podcast, doing some planning/list making or even just doing nothing and giving my brain some time to think freely.

I've been struggling to find the time or creativity for blog posts over the last couple of months (basically since uni work started taking over my life) but I do really miss documenting and talking about things that I like. I feel like the Wonderful Wednesday format provides me with a happy medium though, so I'll try and use that when I can.

How is your week going so far?

Stay inspired,

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