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Summer and warm weather are well and truly on our doorstep and surely reminding us all of the desire to get away and spend time idly lying on a beach, relaxing and cooling off in the water....aka pure bliss.

I'm heading to Tenerife for a week at the end of June and am already planning what I'll be having with me when I hit the sand (which, where I'm going, will be black due to the volcanic environment of the island - how cool is that?!).
[L-R Nevra Hammam Havlu TowelMissPap Mandala Rug]

I'm definitely feeling these circular beach blankets this year! They're so cute with so many different patterns to choose from! I already have a towel from Hammam Havlu that I won in a competition at Blogger Picnic In The Park last year (read my post on it here) and it's become a holiday staple for me.


[L-R Quay Australia 'All My Love' GlassesNew Look Pin Stud Glasses, Boohoo Iris Oversized Glasses]

Sorry not sorry: I LOVE the revival of the tinted glasses that seemed to dominate the early 2000s. Give me that Britney look all day long! Quay Australia really do seem to be killing the Sunglasses scene - they're all so nice and quite affordable for a decent pair of sunnies! However if you aren't willing to shell out too much, there are still some amazing styles of shades that are more affordable from places like New Look or Boohoo.


[L-R Lies by T.M.Logan, How To Fall In Love by Cecelia Ahern, Blink by K.L Slater]

I always love making the most of my time off on holiday to get through some kind novels, and this year I think I'd like to get stuck into a couple of thrillers with maybe something lighthearted too, to make for a break from intense reading!

Are you heading to any beach destinations this year? What are some things that you always pack with you?

Stay inspired,

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