My First Tattoo!

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I've wanted a tattoo for...forever. I first had some ideas when I was about 17 but decided to be uber sensible and hold on to them until I was at least 20 - if I still wanted them at that age then I decided I would get them. Well, 20 came and went and I still wanted the same tattoos that I did when I was younger. So I guess it's kind of interesting that six years after deciding on a design I would definitely want inked on my body forever, my first tattoo was of something that I'd only wanted for a few months!

At the end of last year I started to look at some tattoo artists that were local to me and did the style and designs that I was after. I found a tattoo studio in London with an apprentice whose style I instantly loved and a large amount of her work was very floral/botanical based. I got in touch over Instagram DM and arranged to come into the parlour for a chat about what I wanted. 

On the day of my tattoo appointment I had a last-minute uni tutorial (typical) and then headed to get some lunch at Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill (well worth the hype by the way!) and then made my way over to the tattoo parlour for my appointment. Katy (my tattoo artist) had drawn up a series of designs based on our conversation and the precedents I had sent her and I chose one that I liked the most and just asked for a couple of small changes to be made. 

It took a little while to get the placement I wanted - which was something I thought would take twice as long down to my indecisiveness! - but we managed to find the perfect position for my little cherry blossom design and I was happy with it before it had even been finished. 

The pain itself really wasn't too bad - I'd say a 4/10 - and was only a bit unbearable on the parts which were closest to my ankle bone. I'd brought my sister with me and I'm glad I did as it was good to have someone to chat to and distract me a bit. The actual tattooing time only took about 40 minutes and all-in-all it was a really pleasant experience!

It's been four weeks now since I had it done and it's pretty much all healed now - just a little flaky in some places but I'm so happy with how it turned out! For me, this represents a whole bunch of things, one of which is just the fact that I had the lady-balls to do something which I never thought I'd do! I love cherry blossom and the start of a new season and what it can mean for people too. I also decided that, for my first tattoo, I'd get something that had less meaning than the other designs I have in mind so that if I really didn't like it it wouldn't be anything too tied to one moment or thing in my life.

Now that it's done I love it! And it's given me the confidence to get the other pieces that I want. I'm hoping to get a couple more little ones later this year and I have two other medium size pieces I'd like to get at some point too. 

Do you have any tattoos? What would you get if you got one?

Stay inspired,

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  1. This is wonderful and such a simple tattoo! I've wanted a tattoo now for years and I said to myself if I still want it this summer I'll get it, it represents change for me and I think the time is right now more than ever to take the plunge and get it done. I can't believe the pain was only a 4 on your ankle, this makes me feel much more relaxed as I'll be getting mine on the inside of my arm.


    1. Thank you Ciara! I've always wanted one and I figured - what am I waiting for? If it means something to you then it will always be special :) Yeah the pain really wasn't as bad as I was expecting! Especially as it's just linework.

      Hope your tattoo ventures go well! Thanks for stopping by :)

      Georgie xo