My 100th Post!

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   (One of the first pictures I took for my blog!)
 As you may have guessed from the title, this is the 100th post to go live on my blog! Woop woop! I wanted to make it something special, so I think I'll just reflect on the journey I've had with blogging over the past four years. 
I started this blog back in the autumn of 2014 because I felt inspired by others and had stuff that I wanted to share! I'd just started my final year at university and wanted to have a creative outlet alongside that. 
I created my domain, got myself a nice shiny new camera and set to work drafting up some introductory posts. Once I had gotten a couple of initial posts up I shared my blog with the wider internet world (eek!) and marvelled as the views went up - people were actually reading my writing!
Then I panicked: how often do I need to upload to keep people engaged? Once a month? Twice a week? Everyday? And what should I write about?
I decided to try to post twice a week but, very quickly, my content became generic and felt like more of a chore than a hobby. Uni work took over and it wasn't until I was settled in my job as an architectural assistant a good few months later that I found I had the time to write properly without losing sleep. 
I was even able to get a new post up on the blog every week, writing about a whole host of subjects but still feeling the tendency to write more 'generic' posts just to have something new every week. I branched out more into the blogging world and found some amazing people! I was even lucky enough to meet some of them at a Blogger Picnic In The Park that took place in Summer 2016. It felt so good to talk to other people who all had their own creative outlook to bring to the table, and it reminded me of why I decided to join such a positive community.
More recently I've had less time and motivation to blog a lot (you can thank university again for that) but when I do get something posted it's usually on a topic that I genuinely want to talk about and feel that I have a unique insight to offer on it. 
For me, writing endless 'Wishlists' and 'Monthly Favourites' just wasn't making me happy and while it was getting me the blog traffic I wanted I didn't feel true to myself and my reasons for starting blogging. 
I feel like I've found a good place for myself now though and I hope I'll continue to find topics to write about for years to come. Writing and journaling has always been my creative outlet and it's definitely nice to share some of that with the wider world. 
How has your blogging changed over the years? Have you hit 100 posts yet?
Stay inspired, 

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