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It's the same every year: April and May roll around, the sun starts shining, summer dresses line the racks and I realise "Oh crap - I need to start getting into shape."

While I realise that there's no actual need for me to get fitter and lose a few pounds in the summer months it makes me feel so much better about my body and I'm always more motivated to get active when it's light and warm outside.

For the last couple of years, I've always timed the end of my workout plan to coincide with any summer holiday I might be going on - I wanna look good in my bikini okay! - and every year I've never quite reached the goal I've had in my head. I would follow workout videos and schedules, eat as healthy as possible and up my water intake and no matter how much I pushed myself I couldn't reach my goal of having washboard abs and perfectly toned thighs. 

I wanted to look like those fitness girls you see on Instagram (and I still kinda do) but in the past I would be questioning myself and assuming that it must be something that I was doing wrong or had wrong with me as to why I couldn't look like them! My stomach was only flat first thing in the morning, my thighs still had cellulite no matter how many miles I ran and I still had more rolls than I was proud to admit.

Then something amazing happened: these girls on Instagram started getting real about their bodies. They started showing that, actually, they don't have a flat tummy all day long! They're doing certain poses to make their legs look longer and their waists look smaller! Oh, and all those gym selfies are taken right after a workout when their arm muscles are poppin' anyway!

I'm sure we all kind of knew that what we were seeing wasn't 100% real life, but these girls having the guts to show that hey, they aren't perfect too, is really beneficial in helping so many people to feel good about their bodies. 

Glorious Food
Another attitude change that I've adopted recently is to do with food, and to change fundamental aspects of my body and taste buds by selecting specific foods and not going for the quick and easy choice.

I remember after Easter Weekend I had absolutely gorged myself on (delicious) chocolate and I felt sooo sooo crappy afterwards. I felt guilty for eating so much and physically blah from all the sugar. I can't even explain how I managed to actually do it, but I pretty much overnight cut out 90% of my sugar intake. I think my attitude just changed and I realised that it wasn't kind to my body to make it deal with unhealthy food. 

I'd also like to just congratulate myself on making this change during the last 6 weeks of my university year when stress levels were at their highest and eating cakes and chocolate was pretty much my only comfort! But, I managed to do it and get stuck into creating more delicious, savoury dishes with healthier snacks in between. After a couple of days I didn't even want  the sweet stuff anymore, and I really noticed the changes in my body when I did have sugar.

Almost two months on, and I've found a happy medium of eating nutritious, filling meals and healthier snacks, but also indulging in those infamous "cheat" foods if I want them! #yolo

The last thing I noticed in my new approach to fitness and health was that, during exercise, I wasn't being so aggressive on myself. In the past, I would get annoyed if I couldn't finish a workout or run as far, now I accept that my body has limits and while it's good to stretch these to make for a better workout, it's not worth beating yourself up over something which is supposed to be a journey.

My holiday to Tenerife is in a week (woop woop!) and I'm so excited to get out there and not worry about how I look as much as I have in the past!

Do you enjoy getting fit for the summer? What is you fitness regime like?

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