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First and foremost, I am NOT pregnant or anywhere close to that point in my life! I've seen a few Youtubers doing videos on this topic and as I've always had a few baby names that I've liked over the years I thought I would do a blog post about them. There are a couple of names that I actually would consider for a future child that I won't be mentioning here (just feels a bit weird to share them I think?) but I've listed the ones that I like and could potentially be a name that I use or ones that I just love but probably wouldn't use!
Mirjana / Miriam
Meaning "star of the sea", Mirjana (derived from Miriam and pronounced like 'mere-yana') is a Slavic/Hebrew name. I like both versions of this name and think they work well at all points of life! I really like the nickname Mimi and would love to have a name that has its origins in Slavic culture, as I am half Bosnian.
This one is a bit of a personal one as, in the Bosnian language the name for a Dahlia flower is 'Georgina', so it would be like naming her after me but I still love it! The only issue I'd have with it is how to shorten it for a nickname, but its full version is so beautiful I think. 
I really love this name, both because it reminds me of someone important in my life who had a really positive influence on me and also because I love the ways it can be shortened to either 'Tatchi' or 'Tia' or even 'Ana' I guess. I think having a name that can be nicknamed is definitely an important factor for me! 
Other girls names I like include:

I always found that so many boys I knew growing up all had the same name, way more than any girls with the same name! I think Luke is actually a bit of an unusual one (or at least I haven't come across any guys named it) and I like the variation of Luka. 
I really like this name and love the shortened version of it (Nate) but for some reason it just sounds like a 'naughty boy' name, does anyone know what I mean? Like that kid in class who's always disturbing everyone else and just generally being a little shite. I don't know, maybe that's not a reason to not use the name but I can't help but think of it when I hear it haha. That or Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl.
While I'm not particularly religious, I really like the name Christian and think it sounds strong and sophisticated but can also be cute for a little boy to have! Chris isn't my favourite name though so is probably a reason I wouldn't use it, but I feel like in current society 'Christian' is a super suave name to have. 
Other boys names I like include:
Teddy (Edward)
I really like my name and am glad my mum spent a long time carefully choosing it for me, she considered a lot of things when naming me and I feel like I would do the same for any future children of mine!
Do you love/hate any of the names I've shared here? 
Stay inspired!
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