Tenerife Travel Diary

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Last week I had the pleasure of staying on one of the most beautiful islands I've visited so far - Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. I'd heard so many wonderful things about it so when it came to deciding on a holiday destination for this year, Tenerife was at the top of my list.
My boyfriend David and I stayed in a perfect little apartment in Puerto de la Cruz, a large town located on the north of the island, and had the most amazing week exploring and enjoying Tenerife's natural and cultivated beauty. 
There are palm trees everywhere, beautiful white-washed walls along the ocean front and an extensive selection of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from. One thing that I loved about this particular town was that it didn't feel overly catered towards the British taste and interests: there were a lot of Spanish tourists on the island and it made for a more authentic feel of actually venturing somewhere new and different.

The town of Puerto De La Cruz is beautiful. It has a picture-perfect promenade along the waterfront, traditional tapas restaurants and even a large lido-type set of salt water pools called Lago Martianez. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from with an older part of town that has beautiful buildings to really give you that authentic Spanish feel.
We spent a couple of our days in Tenerife just exploring the town and we didn't even see it all! There were loads of great shops and little plazas and churches which were so cute. It is a very hilly place so we definitely get a good work out too!
Lago Martianez was the most amazing set of pools I've ever been to - the lagoons are salt-water derived and are surrounded by local volcanic rock, cacti, palm trees and a number of comfortable sun-loungers. We actually came to the pools twice as we loved it so much and it was the perfect place to enjoy the sun. 
We booked an excursion for Mount Teide  (a gigantic mountain/volcano which dominates the centre of the island) and spent the best part of a day exploring around it, stopping at multiple points to take the most incredible photos of its landscape and view. With the top of the mountain at 3500 metres above sea level, you get to see some amazing views or, as in our case, be above the clouds!
It was the most awesome experience and one I'd recommend to anyone considering to visit Tenerife. Our excursion was 30euros each and was well worth it - you just can't beat an experience like it.
On one of the more overcast days we ventured inland to the beautiful Jardin Botanico, a large, walled garden which is home to a whole host of plants from almost every country. There were giant cacti, beautiful lotus flowers and a awesome, 'Avatar'-type tree which spread through a large part of the middle of the garden.
I honestly felt like I could have stayed there all day! I gave David free rein of the camera and he took the most beautiful photos, including plenty of me which I definitely appreciated - gotta think of the Instagram shots right? ;)

I had such an incredible time in Tenerife and only wished we could have stayed longer so we could have explored more of the island! I would recommend it to anyone as a perfect holiday destination which is affordable and provides something for everyone - I'd definitely go back again!

Have you ever visited Tenerife or another of the Canary Islands?

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