5 Things I Didn't Consider When Getting My First Tattoo

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So it's been just over four months since I got my first tattoo (read my post on it here) and I thought I'd share some of the things which, despite my extensive research, didn't cross my mind until I'd actually got one. It's all part of the experience of course, but it was still interesting for me to realise things that I thought I'd accounted for!

1. What to wear whilst it's healing
I'm not sure why, but I didn't think about what I'd wear while my tattoo was healing - only what I was going to wear on the day to get it done! Wearing anything that can rub against a new tattoo is not ideal, as it can cause scabs to come off sooner than they should and affect the healing of it. Another aspect of choosing what to wear is affected by the placement of the tattoo: mine is on my ankle and it's been warm so I've been able to wear rolled-up jeans or cropped trousers but if I'd got the same done in the winter months it would have been a different story! Loose clothing is the way forward when it comes to letting your tattoo heal properly. 

2. How it would look while healing
I knew that tattoos tend to scab and look a bit worse for wear whilst the skin is repairing itself, so I'm not sure why I initially panicked when I saw some darker, raised areas and a difference in line weights. My scabbing period actually passed pretty quickly and then we were into the 'flaky/dry' stage which honestly just makes your tatt look so horrid haha. But then after that it's done! Yay! I still like to add a little neutral moisturiser to mine as it make the lines pop a lot more.

3. It's not a transfer....it won't come off...
I've only ever had temporary tattoos/pen drawings on my body before and for some reason I kept worrying that it would smudge or come off entirely! Not the case: that shiz is on your body fo liiiife. One of my most recent tattoos is a little love heart on my wrist and, since I used to draw a similar thing in the same place with pen for years, I almost tried to rub it off one night when I was really tired! I was just like "oh - time to wash this pen off!'. Nope. That wasn't happening. 

4. The tattoo comparison
I love my tattoo design. It's exactly what I wanted and it looks lovely. So why, then, did I suddenly see LOADS of cherry blossom designs on Instagram and Pinterest right after getting it?! I'd done my research on the style and design I'd wanted for a few months before and had pretty much exhausted every database I searched through. The lesson here is: pick what you want (EXACTLY what you want) and be happy with it before it gets inked on your body. That way, you really shouldn't compare your ink to anyone else's because you got it for you.

5. Showing it to other people
I don't know if it's because I only told a few people before getting it done, but having my tattoo on show around people for the first time was a little nerve-wracking. Granted, most people didn't notice it for a while because it is on my ankle, but I almost felt a little shy about it. I think it's just because I was conscious of it being there because after a few days I'd have to look down at my ankle when people asked if I'd got a tattoo before responding!

I love my first tattoo (so much so that I got two more little ones only a few weeks afterwards...) and I feel like my experiences before, during and after were as enjoyable and straightforward as they could have been. 

Are any of the points above things that you would have thought about?

Stay inspired,

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  1. I have three tattoos... A bad, very faded cherry blossom on my hip (I was 17, and it was only a tenner...)

    A shooting star on my wrist - personal meaning which I still find difficult to tell people the reason behind 8 years on

    And "Live, Laugh, Love" (cringe!) In Latin on my lower back I got it in homage to my late grandfather...

    My advice to anyone thinking of tats? Really think about the meaning and placement of them. As you say Georgie, that shiz is on your body fo liiiife. Just wish I never got a tramp-stamp haha!

    Doesn't stop me from feeling brave and wanting another, much larger one though..teehee x

    1. I think everyone gets tattoos for different reasons but there's some things that they should always consider. I personally don't have a problem with lower-back tattoos, though I think having the script in Latin probably makes it look a bit better! Excited to see what you might get next! I definitely still want more haha xo