Norfolk Photo Diary

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At the end of July, myself and my extended family journeyed up to the county of Norfolk for a week to have some time together and explore a different part of the country. We stayed in a large, seven bedroom house with very extensive gardens and spent our week exploring lots of cute villages, seaside towns and taking our fair share of countryside walks!

Our house for the week was amazing: it's a Grade II listed property which used to be a Mill house. It had high ceilings, original features and quirky doors and floors which were sometimes at add angles! 

A cute little reading nook on the top floor of the house - it was so nice to have a dedicated, cosy space to enjoy a book!

A pair of deer whose heads suddenly popped up out of the wheat, spotted us and then bounded away.

The stream that ran through the garden of our rented house.
As luck would have it, Hillside Animal Sanctuary was having a free open day and given that we were only a 10 minute drive away (and that I am obsessed with pretty much all animals) we decided to spend a view hours visiting their amazing facilities. They take in so many unwanted and rescued farm animals and it was so heartwarming to see animals that were once living in abusive and unpleasant conditions now living their best lives.

These little piggies were my favourite! They were all snuffling around in the straw and a couple of brave ones even came up and gave me a couple of snuffles too, so cute!

The pier at Cromer, off of which lots of people fish for crabs!

One morning we hired a couple of boats to take out along the Norfolk Broads (a large series of rivers and lakes) and spent a few hours venturing up and down, keeping our eyes peeled for wildlife!

Some friendly, cow neighbours.

One of the two ponds that were in the grounds of our house - it was so picturesque!

A beautiful, old church in the city of Norwich.

The Lanes of Norwich. The idea was copied from Brighton and I'd say it could definitely give them a run for their money with its share of independent shops and cute cafes!

A pretty village street in the town of Aylsham.

All in all we had the most lovely week exploring the Norfolk countryside and spending some quality time together. I would definitely love to go back one day, especially to revisit Norwich as it was so lovely!

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  1. Beautiful photos Georgina, you captured the week really well! x

  2. Good post and beautiful view. I also read a good post of beautiful style recently.