Tuesday Thoughts: What Makes A 'Bad' Person?

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In my opinion, the majority of people in this world are not bad people. Those who are make up a very small number, and of that number I'm sure we could put some of their less than desirable tendencies down to things like ill mental health and a history of abuse.

I don't believe that the average person is inherently bad. People make bad choices, have bad judgement  and sometimes say or do things which upset others but how much do we allow that to define them as a person or change our opinion of them?

I've only been in a court room once. I was there to give moral support to somebody I know and love. During their trial the judge called on me to give my opinion on whether the person I'd come to support was a 'bad person'. I had no idea that I would be called on so I kinda shit myself a lil bit (judges can be brutal man) but I told him that No - they aren't a bad person and instead had only made a bad decision. And I do believe that.

I thought it was an odd question to ask, it feels so candid and cumbersome: how do you define what is good or bad for an average person? 

Sometimes we can write people off because they've done something wrong and we dont like that (and of course there will be circumstances where it is perfectly acceptable to shut that person out of your life thereafter) but it doesn't always mean that we have to view them as a bad or negatively different person.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we are all the judge of other people. Sometimes that's valid because they could have a bad influence on us or our lives but ultimately we can only make decisions about others based on our own morals and experiences. Sometimes we give people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes we have to try to see the bigger picture and then decide.

Nobody is perfect and you have to weigh the good with the bad and decide if the balance of the two is one that you can accept and live with. 

I would also like to note that these thoughts are in relation to your average, generic individual. Some of the horrific events that have occurred across the world have been committed by people that I absolutely can not forgive, and they have their own category of 'bad'.

I decided to start this Tuesday Thoughts series in addition to my usual Thought Journal posts. These types of posts will be more of a short observation or quick thoughts that I might have. They're things I might jot down in my journal or feel the need to document more openly. I'm still learning about and watching the world around me and I always try to keep my eyes and mind open.

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