It's All Good! (Or Close Enough)

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Ahhhh blogging world - it's been too long. I've missed ya. I've missed typing out my thoughts and ideas to a wider audience - I haven't found the time or motivation for a few weeks but I'm feeling good right now, right this second and that's pretty much all that matters.

I won't lie, it hasn't been so good recently. I experienced a real low (and I mean, like, a 'textbook' low) and just wasn't feeling...well..anything. Nothing was capturing my interest or enjoyment, I was sleeping a lot, didn't have an appetite for anything and just felt like I was on a downward slump: not good.

I can't even tell you what it was exactly that made me snap out of it. It just kind of...stopped. But when it did I immediately felt a shift in perspective - things I would have usually stressed or worried about stopped having so much power over me. It was like I'd become a different person, sort of, but in the best way. 

If there's one thing I've learnt through my journey with mental health and self care it's that, actually, no one is going to come and tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and puppet you through the motions and emotions of a day. Friends, family, other halves - I'm sure they're all willing to listen and will do their best to help you in any way they can but they can't DO the 'getting better' part for you. 

Seeking help, in whatever form, is the first step. Finding people or articles or even just tweets which resonate with you and help you to understand something about yourself can help. But you have to want to change; you have to want to get better for yourself. 

I'm on the up now. It was touch and go for a little bit and I felt vulnerable and susceptible to falling back into that pit of gloom but I didn't and (touch wood) it won't happen again for a while, if ever. I'm really making a conscious effort to change things in myself and my environment and it's going well so far.

I still have problems to deal with in the real world, challenges to overcome, not to mention a bloody Masters degree to finish and although those could be seen to be difficult, 'problematic' things it doesn't really matter - it doesn't make a difference to my overall mood, especially right now. 

And that's why I titled this post to say that everything is good, or close enough. Because actually it is pretty damn good and most of that is down to me and my decisions and outlook.

I hope that anyone out there who feels that same way that I had been feeling can find the spark or inner switch which helps them to feel better about themselves and the control they can have over their situation. Maybe it will come from an external force or maybe it's something they always had in them.

Basically: I'm in a good place with things and I wish the same to everyone else. Instead of being in a state which made me hope no-one felt the same way I was feeling, I'm hoping that everyone can experience the same things I am right now, because it's great.

Stay inspired,

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better, I always find in one of those slumps that heading over to pinterest and just pinning things you like or motivational and influencing images can help an awful lot. And just knowing that you're not wasting time doing nothing, you're letting your body heal.

    1. Thank you for your comment Ciara, I definitely have to remind myself that it's ok to take some time for myself sometimes. And that's such a good idea! Pinterest can be so relaxing and a good distraction.

      Georgie xo