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When you actually stop to think about it, it's completely crazy how much negative talk on Zoella has dominated the Twittersphere over the last week. In case you aren't in the loop, a brutal review video made by Jaack Maate about one of her products seems to have sent the world into a Zoella witch hunt, with the hashtag #ZoellaIsOverParty trending on Twitter for the last couple of days.

Why, you ask? Oh, because she made a 12 day advent calendar which has about £15 worth of products in it that was retailing at Boots for £50 (they've currently got an offer on it that has halved the price to £25, but we'll see if that lasts). 

When I first watched the video after hearing about how much of a rip off the calendar was, I was still shocked. I didn't realise it was quite that bad - the calendar is literally full of Primark-style nothings that just have Zoella's name slapped onto the packaging. I re-tweeted the video, commenting on how I thought it was a rip off, and left it at that. 

Dragging Up Old Tweets
What I did NOT expect was the absolutely savage behaviour by some individuals that followed. People are entitled to an opinion, of course, but seeking out somebody's tweets from 7 years ago which use language that would now be considered totally offensive is just purely vindictive and pathetic. 

People tried to make the argument that she would have been 20/21 when she was posting these tweets and she 'should have known better!', but the world has changed now. Back then, not only were a lot of people using the same words that she was but people also weren't so aware of the ways in which words could be offensive, and the importance of understanding the impact they could have. The world has become a lot more politically correct and while I think that's a good thing, it didn't happen until more recently. So, really, age has nothing to do with those tweets: they were sent during a time when she was probably no different to other people online.

Nevertheless, how desperate are these haters to be dragging ancient history up like that? They tried to make the point that she is 'marketing herself as a saint', when in actual fact she once sent a tweet in a time when people were generally more ignorant that may have had some slightly homophobic vibes to it. The world has changed for the better in quite a short space of time and people change and grow: she would never make those kind of comments now, and hasn't done for many years.

I'm not the biggest fan of Zoella, but I would respect her enough as an individual to not feel the need to victimise and drag her over something so petty! Big Youtubers have done things that are waaayyyy worse, and this event does not even compare.

The Zoella Brand
Most of Zoella's other beauty/homeware products are very reasonably priced. I love her candles and have some of her beauty products which are lovely too. None of the items I have feel overpriced or like I've been cheated out of quality for the sake of her name on the item, though I do understand that some items have had issues with quality which isn't great, but not the end of the world.

 Either way, her products are no more expensive than the equivalent item from a store such as New Look or Topshop and her pricing is generally pretty fair and accurate. Which is why it's even more unfair to accuse her so harshly on this one occasion. Zoella explained in a vlog about the situation, detailing how the pricing is out of her hands on this particular item especially and people have hit back saying that she shouldn't have allowed it be sold etc. This is one issue that I do slightly agree with, in that she surely would have known at some point before or after it hit the shelves that the price was set at £50, and I just can't believe that she would have thought that it was good value for money.

She hasn't commented on that aspect of it (perhaps she isn't allowed to?) but she did say that she was very upset that people were unhappy with the price of the item. 

A Problem With Perfect?
So, why did so many people jump on the witch hunt bandwagon when the opportunity presented itself? This is, really, such a minor issue in the grand scheme of things but certain individuals have not held back when criticising Zoella. Things got personal really quickly, and it's amazing to see how 'offended' people were by this, the inflated pricing of a bloody advent calendar.

It's no secret that, financially, Zoella is doing very well for herself. She recently moved into the most amazing, beautiful, massive house (the third property she's lived in/owned so far) and her lifestyle is, to be frank, pretty comfortable. It's been reported that she can earn up to £50,000 a month and she's never short of cash to spend on Primark hauls or beauty bits - she seems to want for nothing. 

And yeah, that does kind of annoy me. Why can't my life be like that? How good would it be to get sent free makeup and make money by sitting at home talking to a camera? Of course, it's not always that simple, but it would be amazing to have the funds that she has. Nevertheless, this wouldn't lead me to then make negative comments online about her as an outlet for my own envy.

Are some of the people bashing Zoella purely jealous? 'We can't have what she has so let's burn her to the ground'? It's a theme that seems to be coming through with so much of the negativity directed at her and it's basically a form of bullying. This is not something she deserves, especially not at this scale.

It seems to be all too easy to offend people these days and people can read meaning into anything they want, if they try hard enough. I highly HIGHLY doubt that Zoella thought that this whole calendar debacle would turn into something like this and I can only imagine what she's thinking.

It's like the whole world was waiting for a flaw to show in her personality/life and now they've pounced on it and used it to vocalise opinions and thoughts that have probably been building up for a while anyway and have very little relevance to the actual event that started it all.

It's disappointing to see how willing people are to put energy into something that is really undeserving of this kind of action - go and put those witch hunting resources to better use! And not on a girl who charged too much for an advent calendar.

What are your thoughts on this whole episode?

Photo by Mikayla Mallek on Unsplash

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  1. You're totally right. I don't think she deserved to go through all this, especially considering she has openly said she has anxiety issues in the past, I do feel for her in that sense.

    Yes the advent calendar may have been overpriced but this may have been out of her control and she has done what most people would do in her position... try to make money!

    It's crazy how 'PC' the world has now become since 7 years ago and almost 'sensitive' to everything possible! I read something recently about a mum wanting to get sleeping beauty banned because she did not consent to the kiss... I mean come on?! We gona ban Princess and the Frog because the frog didn't give consent too?

    Sorry for the lengthy post! You touched on some issues that have been concerning me for a while haha.

    Love Amber - x

    1. Things got totally out of hand! I'm glad the heat on it has died down now - it was getting really crazy.

      Omg what?! That's such a stretch, some people have a strange idea of what is worth they have the time or energy is beyond me!

      Haha I'm glad you could relate, thanks for commenting :)

      Georgie xo