Wonderful Wednesday #2

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Yay I found some time to blog! Just a quick update today, detailing some fun things that have been happening over the past couple of weeks. It was my birthday last Saturday so I feel like the last week has been a pretty good one in general!

Visiting Kew Little Pigs
So as part of my birthday present from Dave, he surprised me by taking me to the Kew Little Pigs farm! This is a place where most of the UK's micro pigs come from but they also offer a whole range of experiences, such as meet and greets with their little piggies! Since going veggie I've started paying a lot more attention to farm animals and pigs are the ones that I just love the most. In fact, I actually can't stomach the thought of ever eating pork again as, now, it would be like eating a dog, for me.

Meeting all the pigs was amazing! They have loads of pens with pigs ranging from a few months to a few years old and it was surprising to see how diverse all their characters were. Some would come up to you straight away as soon as you entered the pen and demand a belly rub while others would wait shyly in the corner and then run over just as you were about to go to another pen, to say hello and ask for tickles!

All the pigs were incredibly friendly and it was an amazing experience, even Dave really enjoyed himself!

Going out to Tonight Josephine for birthday celebrations
I'd spotted this bar called Tonight Josephine a few months ago as I walked past it on its opening night. Instantly I was intrigued as it had pink neon lights inside. I looked up the menu and the setting itself and it looked amazing so I decided to book in a VIP section to celebrate my 24th birthday with all my best girlfriends this Saturday night just gone.

We had the most incredible night, drinking amazing cocktails, dancing and taking plenty of pictures with all of the beautiful decor. I think everyone had a great time and it was so nice to get to party with (nearly) all the lovely ladies in my life.

Hitting 7,000 words on my dissertation
It's official: my dissertation is a real thing. I am writing it, my thoughts are becoming reality, I am skim-reading more than I have ever done in my life. This week I hit 7,000 words which is a major achievement. It's only my first draft and I'll probably end up having to slim it down a bit but the words are there! I've made significant progress! Yay me.

Those are the big things that have been happening in my life over the last week and a bit and I feel very lucky to have had such enjoyable celebrations for my 24th birthday. Am I technically in my mid-20s now? Is this it?

Stay inspired!

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