Enjoying Christmas as an Adult

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I'll be real (as always) and say that, ever since it stopped being about getting that toy you asked for from Santa, I'd been struggling to genuinely enjoy Christmas day as much as I'd like to. The run up to it always seems to be far more enjoyable - watching Christmas films, eating mince pies, drinking mulled wine etc. - and, more often than not, when the big day rolls around I end up feeling a bit...meh. 

But that's not how I want it to be! I still enjoy my day and am grateful for the time I get to spend with my family and the delicious food I get to eat, but growing older has made me re-evaluate how I approach Christmas day and other events around the festive period.

Now, am I over-thinking this whole thing? Well, maybe. But I doubt I'm alone in having that weird feeling around Christmas day where something just feels off, almost anti-climatic, and you start to wonder if this is always going to be the case. I'm here to share how I've changed my attitude towards Christmas, both for the Big Day itself as well as the whole concept around this particular festivity.

 Apart from being an excellent pun for the festive season, I feel like it's so important to be present around Christmas. Being present means making an effort to be fully here and now and to enjoy the current moment. Because there can be so much anticipation for Christmas Day I feel like it can go so quickly and before you realise it you're nodding off to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban after consuming your body weight in roast potatoes and mince pies. 

Having less screen time in general around the Christmas period can be so helpful not only in allowing yourself to be in the present but also in not comparing your own festivities to somebody else's. I'm not sure how it's a thing but it just is - we have a tendency to pine after other people's activities/food/presents when there's absolutely nothing wrong with our own! Reducing time spent on Instagram and Twitter can help; when I want to spend less time scrolling I usually log out of the apps so that when I subconsciously click on them I'm reminded that I'm trying to stay off them for a reason.

Another way to ensure you get the most out of the day/other festive days that involve activities with family and friends is to make the effort to lower tolerances for things and try to remain calm and collected, even if something happens that would usually throw you off. Depending on how chilled your Christmas usually is, added stress of cooking/entertaining can be made worse when we feel irritable or on edge so taking the time to adjust your mindset and calm your mood can really help. It's meant to be fun after all! 

Making an effort to look your best around any festive celebrations is also a great way of adding some grown-up interest to Christmas activities, whether you choose to wear your prettiest outfit or most outrageous Christmas jumper I've found I can get a lot more enjoyment out of the day when I look and feel my best.

(Me and Misha looking our best, Christmas Day 2016)

And though we all love having extra quality time with our family and friends, it's important to remember about yours truly and take time to make yourself feel special and valued around the Christmas season. I always enjoy treating myself to doing more baking (and eating it), having baths with my favourite products and spending more time just chilling out without feeling guilty for doing nothing.

In all of this, I'm not saying that Christmas is no longer enjoyable once you're an adult - far from it! - but the excitement and traditions change once you get older and it's just a case of transitioning into a more refined (but equally as fun) way of celebrating it.

What do you enjoy most about the festive season?

Stay inspired,

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