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I'm not sure how this has happened, but I feel like over the last six months, everyone around me has been having babies. (When I say 'around me', I mainly mean 'on Youtube/in the wider, celebrity world', but whatever.) For the longest time I didn't find babies super cute and I never really understood the whole broody feeling. 

Oh how that has changed. 

I'm still not in a place in my life where I feel ready to have a baby (and I won't be for at least the next five years or so) but omg I can't deal with all the little bubbas that keep appearing on my news feed! I finally understand why people get so obsessed with babies and feel super clucky whenever they see them and now I've got the feeling like I'm missing out on the whole 'having a baby' thing.

Don't get me wrong, I know that babies are a lot of work - like, a HELL of a lot of work. And I have so much respect for all mums and dads out there; I'm kind of terrified but also now equally excited for when that time comes around for me. I feel like something in my brain has finally clicked into place and now the concept of pregnancy and having a child is not so intimidating for me anymore. Again: still not ready for that to happen yet, but I feel like seeing so many baby updates over the last half a year has acclimatised me to the idea.

And then, of course, to top off these last few months of seeing so many people with new babies, 20-year-old KYLIE JENNER goes and has one. So now I really feel like I'm behind. Thanks Kylie. (Stormi looks so cute though, I can't deal.)

Anyway, I'm finding it hard to articulate my thoughts on this but I'm sure I'm not alone in these feelings - is this what baby fever is? 

Stay inspired!

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