Natural Cycles: Two Months On

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I'm not quite sure how we're already two full months into the year (and two full months into me using Natural Cycles) but here we are! 2018 has been...interesting. But mostly good! And I'm here today to give a little update on how I've been getting on with using Natural Cycles as a contraceptive method.

Okay, first things first, I'm not pregnant! Yay! (When you're trying out a new contraception I would say that not being pregnant is always a good thing right?)

The app was actually able to detect my ovulation pretty quickly which is great! I was sure that it would take a while of my body getting the hormones out of my system before I'd actually ovulate again but it happened roughly 4 weeks after stopping the contraceptive pill and I had my first 'proper' period about 2 weeks afterwards. I was so happy to be back to some regularity because the more regular your cycle is, the easier it is for the app to learn it and give you more 'green' days.

During my last cycle, which was 6 weeks long, I had 4 weeks of 'red' days but now that the app knows my cycle a little better I'm predicted to only have 2 weeks of 'red' days for this cycle, with the aim to only have around 4 'red' days once the app really knows your body. 

I've been measuring consistently every morning and have learnt a couple of things over the last 8 weeks. The first is that, if you have been on the contraceptive pill, the first bleed that you have afterwards doesn't technically count as a period. I thought that it did which is probably why I was getting frustrated at having so many 'red' days and not being able to predict ovulation/periods. The second thing I learnt was that having one glass of wine won't affect your measuring the next day but having, for example, four or five glasses and waking up hungover means that you have to enter your temperature as a deviating temperature. I thought that having any alcohol in the evening could affect your temperature the next morning and I had been trying to avoid having even a small glass of wine in case it did. Let's just say I'm happy to learn that that isn't the case!

In terms of changes in my body as a result of being off the pill, I haven't noticed anything major recently, other than having pretty bad PMS on the days leading up to and on my period. I also still seem to get a 'period headache' (which is more like a migraine really) but it wasn't as intense as it had been when I was on the pill. One change is that I seem to able to tolerate caffeine a little better now which I'm totally here for because I love coffee. So much.

My weight is still pretty much the same as it was before but I'm still hoping that it will reduce as I had gotten a little heavier since being on the pill over the last 5 years. Or maybe it's just the fact that I'm getting older and my metabolism is slowing down and I spend most of my time sat at a desk. Who knows!!!

I will say that I was reaaallyyy skeptical about Natural Cycles and felt sure that it wouldn't work well for me or that there would be too many red days for me to deal with. It's seriously surprised me and to be off the contraceptive pill does feel really great. I also love that the app compliments me on things like my 'follicular phase temperature' and 'smooth temperature curve'. I'm pretty sure I'm not in control of either of those things but it still feels like a compliment!

That's all the updates I have for now, but I'm feeling really positive about my future using this app and I can't wait for it to know my body and, in turn, allow me to know it too.

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