Natural Cycles: 6 Months On!

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In case you missed my last two posts on this topic (catch up here if you want), at the beginning of this year I made the decision to stop using the contraceptive pill and to try out the 'effective and modern' contraceptive app: Natural Cycles. It's now been six whole months since I started that journey and it's been an interesting one.

First and foremost: I'm not pregnant! Yay! Always a bonus. Secondly, I am loving life being off of the pill. I have definitely felt a lot better mentally and emotionally since coming off of the pill and, while my moods were quite up and down for the first three months of being pill-free, they've now settled into a very manageable, 'normal' situation. And by 'normal', I mean that I don't feel like I'm losing my mind quite so much, which is great.

In all seriousness though, I don't think I've been this happy, balanced and rational in YEARS, and I now feel much better equipped to deal with life things, especially without a cloud of weird thoughts and emotions hanging over me (which I suspect was a result of the hormones in the pill.)

So in my last update, I commented on how pleasantly surprised I was that my menstrual cycle was returning to normal quite quickly, considering I had been on a pill which I was required to take for six weeks in a row with a four day break afterwards. My first cycle after coming off of the pill was around six weeks long and its duration had been steadily decreasing over the next few months to become closer to the average 28 day cycle, which is what it was before I started taking the pill.

This was all going swimmingly until I had the most stressful month of my life so far. Let's just say it involved moving house and finishing my masters degree within the same week. I was very stressed and it had an immediate effect on my cycle, meaning that I ovulated a week later than usual and had a cycle that lasted just over five weeks where the one before was closer to four weeks.

It was pretty annoying as the app was really getting to know my body and could therefore give me accurate determinations on whether I was on a Green day or a Red day but, as it couldn't definitely say where I was in my cycle, I ended up having an entire month of Red days. The longest I've had since first starting the app.

This hasn't necessarily put me off of using the app, but it has made me very aware of just how disruptive stress can be to our bodies.

All in all, I am so so pleased that I've managed to find a natural method of contraception that is working for me! I'm generally more happy and easy-going now and I'm looking forward to the day that the app knows my cycle really well so that it can give me accurate predictions for my month ahead.

If you're considering using the app but have doubts or questions, you're more than welcome to ask me anything! I'd be happy to answer any queries.

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