35 before 35

    35 things I'd like to do before turning 35!

  1. Complete Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Architecture Course - Part 1 completed June 2015
  2. Buy my first car
  3. Volunteer for an animal charity
  4. Give a talk on a subject that I'm passionate about
  5. Attain a high level of proficiency in Bosnian
  6. Buy a house and fill it with things that I love
  7. Adopt a dog, cat, hamster, rabbits, chickens...the list goes on haha
  8. Get married!
  9. Have 100 followers on this blog :-)  - Somehow achieved this in October 2016!
  10. Visit California, Japan, Thailand and Australia (among other places!)
  11. Cook Christmas dinner for my whole family
  12. Plan a surprise trip for somebody special
  13. Have a surprise birthday party/trip planned for me...I'm sure somebody reading this will be able to make this happen ;-)
  14. Spend a few months doing anything but architecture
  15. Go out clubbing in London
  16. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise on a beach somewhere warm
  17. Treat myself to something that I can't justify the money on, but just really love #treatyoself
  18. Complete a 5 year 'line a day' journal - Journal started January 2017
  19. Go to a music festival abroad
  20. Get a tattoo  - First tattoo done April 2017 :)
  21. Run a 10k event
  22. Perform on stage (either in a play or at an open mic event)
  23. Cut my hair short into a pixie crop - cut in September 2014, now growing it back out!
  24. Go on a yoga retreat either in Ibiza or Bali - seriously! #namaste
  25. Travel somewhere alone
  26. Attend an event where I can dress up and look 1000% glamorous
  27. Do a pole dancing class - First class attended in January 2018! Absolutely loved it!
  28. Plan and book my own holiday - One week in Malia, summer 2016!
  29. Go on a trail-riding holiday
  30. Create a paw-print painting with my dogs!
  31. Own a pig.
  32. See the Northern Lights/other exciting astrological sights
  33. Learn how to 'drop in' on a skateboard \m/ OR get better at roller skating
  34. -
  35. -